Blue Water Blue

The man’s eyes narrowed as he calculated the odds, should he make for the knife or not. Seeing Nahil knocked down spurred Andy into a sprint, not for the knife lying on the grass but straight towards the man. I looked at the man’s face and saw him reach a decision, turning to me he quickly placed a leg behind me and pushed hard on my chest sending me tumbling to the ground backwards. I Jack-knifed forward so as to land on my buttocks instead of my tied hands and arms. So now it was just the madman and Andy. Having never seen Andy in a brawl I wasn’t sure how, or even if he could deal with this lunatic. The man was a good two or three stone heavier than him and had a height advantage of five or six inches. I could only watch helplessly from my new position on the ground as events unfolded.
“You’re going to get hurt son,” said the man.
“You-you reckon,” stammered Andy and when the madman heard it I could see his little smile of contempt and a ‘this is going to be easier than I thought’ sneer as he adopted a fighting crouch and lunged towards Andy.

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