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Rodney Leon still enjoys island-life, though he also ventures to countries further afield and without any specific destination once there. Under the old adage, travellers don’t know where they are going and tourists don’t know where they have been. Rodney hopes he falls under the former category. His love for St Gilberts grows with every passing year. It may be a speck of land lost in the vastness of the Indian ocean, but to Rodney it will always be the place to which he belongs and to where he will always return, even if only in his imagination.

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Why are strangers travelling to St Gilberts and aiming for Rodney Leon? What do they think he knows?St Gilberts in the Indian Ocean, dubbed; ‘The most beautiful tropical island on the planet’ is home to Rodney Leon who, having lived there for all of his 25 going on 26 years, still feels like an outsider. His heritage, inheritance, physical appearance, and occupation, all mark him out as ‘different’.A chance find and a casual internet enquiry bring a series of ruthless emissaries to St Gilberts who threaten both Rodney and his small circle of friends. What are they looking for and why do they think Rodney knows where it is?As Rodney and his friends struggle to work out what is happening while dealing with the escalating threats to their safety, they also find themselves confronting the big questions in life; questions to do with wealth, friendship, loyalty, love, and belonging. How they respond to those questions will irrevocably affect, not only their own lives, but that of the whole island as well.


Blue Water Blue

Denver knew it was his turn and he stared down at the table, still considering all he'd just heard. When his head rose his eyes were bleak, and he looked tired, tired with the drained, emptied ........

St Gilberts. Indian Ocean

For a select few people in Belgium, Great Britain, America, Reunion, Comoros Islands, St Gilberts in the Indian Ocean has suddenly become the centre of their attention.It has always been the centre of ........


A rich man’s obsession brings death, kidnap, sexual assault and torture, to ‘the most beautiful tropical island on the planet’. Can Rodney Leon, along with his small group of friends succeed ........


Blue Water Blue

Denver remembered how his hand shook as he read the letter for the second, third, and forth time.“I am bound for England on the 25th May this year.”Rupert Stillwood-Hamilton had given the departure da ........

Blue Water Blue

She tensed feeling vulnerable and suddenly shy but even as she started to resist, something inside her let go and her muscles relaxed and she fell back. She imagined those intense eyes staring at her ........

Blue Water Blue

The man’s eyes narrowed as he calculated the odds, should he make for the knife or not. Seeing Nahil knocked down spurred Andy into a sprint, not for the knife lying on the grass but straight towards ........


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