Blue Water Blue

She tensed feeling vulnerable and suddenly shy but even as she started to resist, something inside her let go and her muscles relaxed and she fell back. She imagined those intense eyes staring at her body and in her mind's eye she saw her own body as he was seeing it now. He was incredibly attractive and yet it was not his looks that stirred her but the fact that here was a man who could have had his choice of women but he had chosen her and now her naked body was driving him into lustful sexual desire, even frenzy. She found more sexual stimulation in being desired by men than in any physical attraction that she, herself, felt towards them. even when they were as beautiful as Rodney.
She wanted to be lusted after, rather than to lust over others herself.
She had a sensation of falling but not landing. Detached, and yet in the moment, her senses so heightened she could feel the bending of a single hair on her inner thigh as his breath passed over it. She looked down her own body and saw his eyes focused downwards and then his head slowly dipped between her legs...
But that was yesterday.
(An extract from Blue Water Blue)

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