Blue Water Blue

Denver knew it was his turn and he stared down at the table, still considering all he'd just heard. When his head rose his eyes were bleak, and he looked tired, tired with the drained, emptied out tiredness that comes when your last great hope floats to the surface belly uppermost, and you know that's the end of it. His eyes settled on my arm resting on the table in front of me and the scuffed white cast encasing it.

"You have to believe me when I tell you that I never meant for any of those things to happen to you, to any of you," he said. 
Andy snorted in derision, "Men like you always say you never m-meant for anyone to get hurt, but the t-truth is you give a f-flying fuck just so long as you get what you want or what you pay for. I know, I've worked for guys like you d-doing m-much the same job as I guess you're d-doing right now." he nodded towards the taller of the two men. "But you turn a b-blind eye to the effect your money has on those around you. W-when you want something you don't give a shit who gets trampled on so you can g-get it."
An extract from Blue Water Blue


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